An Interventionist is someone who recognizes an opportunity to address a social challenge by creatively harnessing and amplifying community capacity.
— Alex Alcorn


Alex Alcorn

Alex Alcorn

Alex Alcorn (she/her/hers) is an arts activist and community health advocate. The current Resilience Fellow in the Charlotte City Manager’s Office, she aligns organizational strategies and resources to foster equitable social, economic, and environmental resilience in communities. Alex’s work experiences in public education, local food systems, and population health research, along with her upbringing in communities rooted in civic engagement in Minneapolis, MN, inform her systems-based and people-centered approaches to community work addressing today’s global challenges. Alex uses the arts as a vehicle for activism, catalyzing constructive conversations through visual and performing arts. 

Alex obtained her Masters in Public Health and Certificate in Urban Policy and Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where her work focused on community health, public policy, and environmental justice, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Society, and Environment from the University of Minnesota.


Alex’s will be empowering communities to create where they are via the creation of a Mobile Maker Space. The maker space will be designed to accommodate neighbors of all ages by providing activities for children, youth, and adults. Arts activities in the Mobile Makers Space will center on reclaimed and reused materials, but the activities will also focus on up-skilling, access to technologies, exposure to new forms of arts, and access to materials and supplies for artists who may not otherwise be able to practice. Examples of activities that can be programmed in include 3D pen creations; work with textiles and fabrics; jewelry making; and/or painting. Alex will be working with residents in Lakeview and East Charlotte.