How to start a revolution

We started the conversation, now it's your turn.

Step by Step.  

Here at the League of Creative Interventionists, we refuse to accept the world as it is and are constantly investigating what could be.

We are also curious about what others see as new ways of being in our world.

The How to Start A Revolution installation was debuted at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco, California in August of 2017.

This interactive platform allows participants to share their ideas of what revolution looks and feels like. Made from a large wooden booth with a flashing LED sign atop it that prompts passersby to both seek and contribute answers. Shrouded in a layer of mystery and privacy, the entrance to the booth is covered by a curtain.

As more and more people answer the prompt the curtain is taken back and the installation becomes an oracle of ideas for ways to create meaningful change.

We installed the piece at Outside Lands because we wanted to provide a space for reflection and social change amidst the celebratory and alive spirit of the festival.

The revolution must certainly have joy present and placing this installation in a music festival provides a space to capture that joy and channel it into a larger shared inquiry. The ideas submitted reflected both the playful and painful, the easily attainable and the seemingly impossible, and the political and the personal.

H2SAR Graphic-01.jpg

Materials: two sheets of plywood, 6 metal corner braces, 2x4 lumber, 1x2 lumber, LEDs, plexiglass, acrylic paint, paper, and pens. Build time: approx. 6 hours. 

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