Residents want to create the neighborhood that they want to live in. We provide tools and resources for residents to add value to their community.


Build Corps grows the local economy while creating opportunities for youth to discover their leadership and be creative. The program generates new career pathways, and youth see immediate changes in the physical assets of their neighborhood. The neighborhood becomes filled with more joy and love.


Build Corps is an 8-week program that provides a stipend for youth, skills training, and mentorship from experienced builders. We begins with a 2 week Engagement Phase where we carry out a workshop to discover what the youth want to create, and then design the physical assets. After this there is a 5 week building period where we work with the youth to build and install the assets. Finally there is a 1 week Generative Phase, where we celebrate the creation, honor the youth, and help you create a plan for future commissions for the Build Corps.


  • We work with you to identify a group of 5-20 youth that want to participate, youth sign participation agreements

  • SITE VISIT 1: We hold a 1-2 hour rapid prototyping workshop in your community asking the youth what they want to see more of in their community


  • We work with you to identify a local fabricator and mentor who will teach the youth new skills

  • We work with you to secure any necessary permits for the installation

  • A teaching day is held where the mentor displays building techniques to the youth

  • SITE VISIT 2: We hold a 4 hour Build Day where the youth begin to build some of the physical assets they designed

  • Build continues until assets are completed


  • SITE VISIT 3: We dedicate the new physical assets with a ceremony and honor the youth with certification as members of the Build Corps

  • Build Corps becomes a consistent entity that can be commissioned to design and build physical assets for the neighborhood

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 4.34.28 PM.png
Members of the Summit Lake Build Corps pose with their finished bench. From left to right, Julie, League of Creative Interventionists fellow Megan Shane, Ramon, Markado, and League found Hunter Franks.jpg
Jay and Divad work with Build Corps mentor Bryan Huber on their bench.jpg

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