The League of Creative Interventionists (LOCI) is a non-profit organization that creates public art and cultural programs with communities to tell real and just narratives, create empathetic spaces, and develop powerful leaders.

The League Fellowship Program elevates passionate neighborhood residents to connected and powerful leaders. The program provides them with both the resources to reimagine their neighborhood with powerful acts of culture and also valuable access to a national network of peers and mentors. 

Fellows and mentors from each city will come together for the annual Creative Interventionist Convening and learning trip at the beginning of their Fellowship. Fellows will learn from experienced artists and community organizers how to plan their projects, gain budgeting and management tools, and facilitate meetings. Fellows will participate in workshops to amplify the impact of their projects, and draw inspiration from the projects of other Fellows and mentors.

Each project will measure its impact in neighborhood perception change, creating new social relationships, and generating leadership and job opportunities as measured by LOCI impact metrics. 

Fellows will:

  • Carry out their project in a specific neighborhood where they are familiar with the challenges and opportunities that exist

  • Collaborate with neighborhood residents and existing local organizations in that neighborhood

  • Propel co-creative action at a neighborhood scale in partnership with community leaders, local organizations and residents in Akron

  • Create projects that present equitable, sustainable and generative opportunities for communities

  • Fully support their own project including project timelines, budget management, marketing and outreach, etc. with support from a mentor

  • Attend a quarterly call with League fellows from other cities

  • Create written and video documentation of their project for blogs, social media, etc.

  • Attend a yearly convening of all League Fellows

Fellows possess:

  • Passion for their community

  • Strong will to create social and civic change

  • Desire to be a powerful leader for their community and in their city

  • Capacity to commit an average of 5 hours a week to being a League fellow

Fellows receive:

  • A stipend

  • A budget for project materials

  • Access to established community leaders in their city

  • Opportunity to grow their social and professional network in their city

  • Be at the forefront of a growing creative movement to re-imagine neighborhoods and cities