Innerbelt National Forest


In 2015, The League of Creative Interventionists hosted a 500 person community meal on the Innerbelt Freeway and asked residents from all over the City of Akron what they wanted to see in the future of the space once it closed to automobile traffic. 87% of the participants wanted a space for connection and nature. In 2018, we created a temporary green public space on an adjacent section of the decommissioned freeway to test this idea and gain valuable insight for a potential permanent green public space on the freeway. 

The space was activated in August and September of 2018 and included 86 planted and potted trees, trails, a play area for children, an outdoor museum highlighting the history of the freeway, a stage for local performers, and an outdoor workshop to teach new skills to people of all ages. We are now working with the City of Akron and local organizations who can continue to steward a permanent green space on the freeway.

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