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The League of Creative Interventionists is a global network of people working to build community through creativity. In cities around the world, League chapters meet once a month to carry out a creative intervention in public space that gets strangers talking to each other and makes their city more spontaneous and fun. Each chapter is led by a League Leader, supported by a team consisting of a local Videographer Team Member and Communications Team Member, and joined by League members. Please have your Videographer Team Member and Communications Team Member lined up before applying to start a chapter.

Leaders will:
Devote 3-5 hours a week to being a League Leader
Mobilize diverse communities to break down social barriers and bring people together
Organize one monthly meetup and brainstorming session
Organize one monthly event to carry out a creative intervention
Share League chapter updates and interventions online
Work with League chapter team, including Videographer and Communications Team Member
Videographer Team Member (does not need to be a professional) is expected to document all interventions and create short videos to share online
Communications Team Member is expected to handle social media and other aspects of communicating with the group
Both team positions are delegated by the League leader and are meant to support and sustain the League chapter

Leaders possess:
A diverse network within their city of thinkers and creators
Social media skills to promote events and the League chapter
Vision to lead a group of creative members, including working closely with a Videographer and Communications Team Member

Leaders receive:
Access to League chapter assets: website, mailing list, supporting templates for interventions, logo, t-shirts, etc.
Opportunity to grow their social and professional network in their city
Be at the forefront of a growing creative movement to use public space in new and engaging ways

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Each chapter is required to have at least three team members, a League leader, a videographer, and a communications member. Please list your team members and their expertise here. (required)