League Leader: Rachel Hollar


Rachel is a Mercer University graduate, with a B.A. in Social Entrepreneurship, Psychology, and Spanish. After graduation, she served one year as an English instructor in Thailand through Teach Thailand Corps. Rachel is the Affiliate Coordinator for Susan G. Komen Central Georgia and has been involved in several community development and revitalization initiatives since she returned to Macon in 2013. Rachel lives downtown and loves that work, food, and fun are all within walking distance.

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The Macon League chapter invited residents to take words of encouragement for themselves.

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Cotton Avenue

After a movie set explosion accident, the Macon League chapter came together to help paint murals on the boarded up businesses to let people know they were open for business. Read more at WMAZ.

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The Macon League chapter hosted a game of community kickball to promote health. Read more on the Knight Foundation blog.


The Macon League chapter highlighted some of the hidden history of their city, posting signs with little known facts about local spots and inviting others to share theirs. Read more on the Knight Foundation blog.

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The Macon League chapter invited participants to explore a local labyrinth. Read more on the Knight Foundation blog.


The Macon League chapter created a pop-up karaoke stand in downtown Macon and invited passersby to stop in and dance, sing, or listen to a song. Read more on the Knight Foundation blog.



The Macon League chapter set up stands with free lemonade and invited people to share what they loved about their neighborhood. The League chapter also collected mementos to create a sculpture.

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