Macon, Georgia

League Fellow: Deonna Belcher

Deonna is a charter member of the Macon League of Creative Interventionists and with nearly 30 years of non-profit experience. Participating in theatrical, visual and literary arts. She is a professional storyteller of the oral tradition, a writer of creative non-fiction, a community builder, and an emerging artist who works in a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, mixed media. and public art. She strongly believes that everyone has a story and it should be shared. Deonna spent 25 years in Atlanta before her move to Macon. She is  one the co-founders of the Atlanta Literary Festival, an art instructor at The 567 Center of Renewal and a supporter of grassroot projects which often finds her spinning plates, wearing a variety of hats and tasting pies.

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In 2014, the Macon League of Creative Interventionists received a Partner in Progress award from Newtown Macon and the Macon Telegraph says the League is "creating a fresher, more vibrant Middle Georgia."

Featured Projects

Walk Your City

The Macon chapter took part in the Walk Your City project by temporarily installing 22 wayfinding signs that direct pedestrians to points of interest in downtown Macon.

Press: Macon Telegraph, NBC News

Cotton St Murals

After a movie set explosion accident, the Macon League chapter came together with other local organizations to help paint murals on the boarded up storefronts to let people know they were open for business. Read more at WMAZ. Photos from GPB. 

Macon Haikus

The Macon chapter asked residents to create Macon Haikus with the prompt "Macon is..." Completed haikus were displayed in the window of a vacant storefront along with temporary seating. 

Press: Knight Foundation Blog

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