The League of Creative Interventionists uses public art to reimagine the social and physical landscape of our cities. 

We believe that our cities are more vibrant and resilient when our public spaces foster conversation and play. 

We create participatory public installations that engage communities and prompt curiosity, creativity, and connection. 


Hunter Franks // Artistic Director

Hunter Franks is the founder and Artistic Director of the League of Creative Interventionists. His participatory projects create shared spaces and experiences that break down social barriers and catalyze connections between people and communities.

Projects include a 500 person meal on a freeway, a storytelling exchange to connect disparate neighborhoods, a public display of first love stories, and a vacant warehouse turned community hub

In 2014, he was named one of GOOD Magazine's GOOD 100. His Neighborhood Postcard Project was named one of "12 bright ideas for better cities" by the Los Angeles Times. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and featured in Fast Company, the Guardian, and Atlantic Citylab.  In 2011 he walked from Los Angeles to New Mexico - an experience that fueled his desire to connect with strangers and tell the stories of underrepresented places. He currently resides in San Francisco, California. 


Anne Koller // Programs Manager

Anne Koller is the Programs Manager, aka Chief Doer for the League of Creative Interventionists. She has a passion for emotion-based public art.  After losing her father to a sudden heart attack in the summer of 2011, she set forth on a mission to bring emotions to life through public, interactive and tangible experiences to provide opportunities for people to explore their emotions in a new way.  As Founder and Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN in New York City,  Anne has worked on numerous public campaigns and installations including #outfear, #ownhappy, #unwrapanger, #beloved and #CrackYourEmotionCode, which brought to life 8 of the main emotions at a tech company on Wall Street.  She has written about grief and loss in GOOD Magazine and has been featured in IdealistHuffington PostVillage VoiceBRIC TV and other publications for her work in changing the conversation around emotions. 



League founder Hunter Franks is available for speaking engagements, conferences, and symposiums. Franks has spoken at a TEDx event, universities, and conferences.  


The League works with organizations and cities to address social challenges by creating unique installations that encourage people to break down social barriers and connect with their community .        


League workshops teach participants about creative interventions and help them identify a challenge, create a small-scale temporary solution, and implement using lightweight materials.