Our Vision

You can shape your world


Art allows us to connect in deep and meaningful ways with ourselves and others. The creativity that we seek to explore and activate is within each of us. It is when we dare to express ourselves fully. It is when we are brave enough to share our hopes, fears and dreams with each other. It is when we create powerful experiences  with our friends and with strangers we have never met. When we open our hearts to this, we set a precedent for ourselves and those around us to shape their lives and their communities. To be filled with compassion. To choose love over fear. To choose connection over isolation. One voice becomes five becomes five hundred. One action becomes many. We create a movement.  What began as an idea now has chapters in cities in the US and abroad. People just like you who are seeking revolution, inviting a more vibrant and equitable world. 


We are dedicated to creating this movement, to boldly reimagining our world with you. In fact, we refuse to do it without you.  You are a unique expression of art that the world is craving. You are never alone in the gallery of life. You are the creative intervention that we seek.  We present our manifesto as a pledge to ignite love, compassion and positive change together, wherever you live. We invite you to read it, yell it as loud as you can, sing it to the trees. Share it with your friends. Let's create the world we want to live in. We are so excited to have you along on this journey. We are just getting started. Join us.


Hunter Franks
Executive Director


Download our manifesto here.