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Rebecca Henderson is a social sculptor whose personal art practice explores humor as the humble messenger of truth. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Sculpture and Extended Media program, she is an advocate for the physical presence of words, no matter how gritty or messy, and is a frequent letterpress resident at Penland School Of Crafts. Honored to be able to call herself a native Charlottean, she has returned to her hometown to serve as a champion for revolutionary ridiculousness and ecstatic empathy.  Learn more about Rebecca.


They say that those who don't remember the past are fated to repeat it. In the 1960's, before being razed by federal "urban renewal" efforts, Charlotte's Brooklyn neighborhood was overflowing with black culture, small business, and known for it's music. Now, Mecklenburg County officials are in talks to sell the 5.5-acre park and almost 12 nearby acres once more to a development partnership for $33.7 million including the Marshall Park: which has served as a gathering spot for community protest and political organizing. The Going Going Gondola project serves as a lighthearted opportunity to spark conversation and reignite our ability to celebrate neighborhoods: both past, present, and future.