San Francisco, California

League Fellow: Caroline Matthes

Caroline Matthes is an avid maker and educator who is thrilled to call San Francisco her home!  She has been an artist since finger painting was all the rage and can often be found knitting on public transportation.  Since double majoring in Critical Theory and Spanish at Pitzer College, Caroline has translated her passion for creating into a passion for empowering others with the tools and confidence to tackle projects of their own! 

Caroline has worked for the City and County of San Francisco, Handcraft Studio School, Jared Rusten Furniture Studio, and currently hangs out with awesome teenagers at Fusion Academy in San Mateo. She believes that society can be improved exponentially through empathy, laughter, and connection. Caroline is excited to get covered in sawdust, untangle skeins of yarn, and spread creativity throughout the city with you! 


Featured Projects

Be Present

Right before Christmas Eve 2015, the League chapter made and distributed 1,000 signs around the entire city that read "Get Presents" modified to say "Be Present." Signs were assembled over several days and distributed around the entire city in the middle of the night. Each of the 1,000 signs were individually numbered on the back and included a message inviting the person who found the sign to take it home with them. In addition, the website link and a hashtag were written on the back of the sign. Over the next few days, photos popped up on Instagram as people discovered the signs all over the city.  



Fear Doctor

The San Francisco, California chapter created a Fix Your Fears booth offering passersby the opportunity to share their fear and receive a tailored typewritten prescription from a certified Fear Doctor.



Secret Tiny Museum

The San Francisco chapter set up a secret immersive environment at the 2015 Outside Lands Arts and Music Festival and asked people what sustains them. This is the Secret Tiny Museum of ________.

Story Forest 

The San Francisco chapter created a Story Forest at the NOW Festival, a weeklong celebration of the Panhandle neighborhood. Passersby were invited to share a story from when they were little and hang it from the branch of a tree for others to read. The Story Forest created a playful shared space as participants took time to write their story and then weaved through the tree branches, reading the stories of others.


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