Let's celebrate stories in new ways, engage traditionally disengaged residents, and leave a powerful and important impact on your neighborhood and city. 


Neighborhoods are often negatively stereotyped in local media as being unsafe and having little to offer. Where others only see danger and blight, we see the beauty and creativity in people.  We want to tell the whole story of neighborhoods and create cities where all residents are committed to every corner of their city being vibrant and connected.

To accomplish this, we work with residents and local organizations to capture and tell their stories in unique ways. We also collaborate with communities to identify new opportunities for strengthening neighborhood togetherness and identity through visuals and storytelling. 



We will work with you to:

  • Design and develop neighborhood identity contests 
  • Create stunning permanent visual storytelling campaigns
  • Invent exciting methods for breaking down neighborhood stereotypes and building up connection with other neighborhoods

Featured Projects:

Summit Lake

Neighborhood Postcard Project


We have become terrified of talking to each other. We create public installations and creative interventions that make space for introspection, courage, love, and empathy.  We believe that connection is beautiful and necessary and shared spaces provide a rich platform for interaction between people of different backgrounds, cultures, races, and income levels to come together and listen to each others stories.

To accomplish this we start by asking what people want and ensuring that the questions we are asking are interesting and fun to engage with. We work closely in partnership with local organizations and residents to create installations and events that activate public spaces and engage residents in new ways.

We will work with you to:

  • Create unique large scale community meals to engage residents and reimagine public space
  • Make community engagement fun, valuable, and impactful for everyone involved
  • Create participatory installations that activate a public space

Featured Projects:

500 Plates

Macon Trail Tales



There are passionate and talented residents in every community who are working to make their neighborhood a better place. We identify and catalyze these community members to discover their leadership through a Fellowship program, mentorship and skill-building opportunities.

We will work with you to:

  • Bring our Fellowship Program to your city
  • Start a Build Corps youth program in your neighborhood
  • Lead a workshop that will leave your organization or community inspired to act

Featured Projects:

Build Corps