Our Fellowship Program identifies and catalyzes passionate neighborhood residents to discover their leadership and co-create what they want to see in their communities.

The program provides each Fellow with an artist stipend, guides, resources and tools to reimagine their neighborhood with powerful acts of culture and also access to a valuable national network of peers and mentors.

Fellows and mentors from each city come together for the annual Creative Interventionist Convening to work together to create strong foundations for their year long projects. These projects are guided by how they can best facilitate neighborhood perception change, create new social relationships, and generate leadership and job opportunities.  

This is a one year fellowship from March 2018-March 2019. 


  • Carry out their project over a 12-month period in a specific neighborhood where they are familiar with the challenges and opportunities that exist
  • Collaborate with neighborhood residents and existing local organizations in that neighborhood
  • Propel co-creative action at a neighborhood scale in partnership with community leaders, local organizations and residents in Akron
  • Create projects that present equitable, sustainable and generative opportunities for communities
  • Fully support their own project including project timelines, budget management, marketing and outreach, with support from their mentor
  • Bring on a Future Leader to assist them and see the fellowship process who can potentially become a future Fellow
  • Attend a quarterly call with League fellows from other cities  
  • Create written and video documentation of their project for blogs, social media, etc.
  • Attend a yearly convening of all League leaders from each League chapter




 Graphic Storytelling Design By Nikki Kurt at the 2017 Convening

Graphic Storytelling Design By Nikki Kurt at the 2017 Convening

I loved the creative aspect of getting involved with people, instead of just a march or protest, we are spreading love. Our interventions get people to think, interact with each other, and recognize issues in the community.
— Dray, 2017 Akron League Fellow
The convening was my highlight. For a few days I really did feel less alone in this work: big things felt possible together.
— Rebecca, 2017 Charlotte League Fellow

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