League Fellows: Janelle Dunlap, Quintel Gwinn, Rebecca Henderson and Deepti Panjabi


Janelle Dunlap

Denise Thugstable is a creative alias Janelle Dunlap developed to identify her life and work as they mirror the character her name is derived from; Denise Huxstable, who operates in interstitial spaces of class, wealth and race. Janelle has worked in several capacities within her nearly 10 year career; working directly with at risk youth to community outreach for the homeless population.Janelle is passionate about building bridges, blurring lines and providing visibility to moments and people who, often aren’t, but should be seen.

Quintel Gwinn

In search of a vibrant city with a rich and diverse culture, Quintel relocated to Charlotte where she practices as a designer, urbanist, and social innovator. With over a decade of field experience in interior architecture and design, her goal is to address social challenges through creative transformation of places, systems, and communities. In addition to her practice work, Quintel is an arts and design community advocate. Her activism explores the intersection of social impact, cultural sustainability, and community engagement with a focus on developing resources for underserved neighborhoods. She loves collaboration and is excited to create in the city with you!

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is a social sculptor whose personal art practice explores humor as the humble messenger of truth. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Sculpture and Extended Media program, she is an advocate for the physical presence of words, no matter how gritty or messy, and is a frequent letterpress resident at Penland School Of Crafts. Honored to be able to call herself a native Charlottean, she has returned to her hometown to serve as a champion for revolutionary ridiculousness and ecstatic empathy. 



Deepti Panjabi

Deepti Panjabi is a pirouette and photography enthusiast. With a career focused in the public sector and non-profits, she is excited about harnessing the power of creativity and design thinking. She values collaboration and enjoys supporting teams to collectively problem solve. Her passion for social impact coupled with her enthusiasm for creative living are just two (of the many reasons) she is excited to be part of the League of Creative Interventionists.



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